About us

BOX BOSS | Thoughtful gifting, stylishly given 


BOX BOSS is an online gifting boutique with the intent of making gift giving simpler and more meaningful. Our mission is:

to help you express yourself through thoughtful giving and inspire beautiful moments one stunning gift box at a time. 

Specialising in custom and pre-packed gift boxes, our brand offers simplicity and effortless elegance. Working with exceptional brands is what we do. All so we can deliver the finest of gifts to you. Shop many luxury gifts in ONE place at one time so you can give in style ensuring your gifts are always well-given and well-received.

Our packages are 3-fold with each consisting of a:

Card - whether it's a quick note or a heartfelt message, our selection allows you to express yourself however you wish. You can either choose a standard message or we can leave them blank at the back so you can hand write your message, making the gift just that bit more personal.

Gift - want to get a great gift but stuck for time? Our 'Good to Go!' range offers ready made theme packages that are thoughtfully curated with luxury products so all you need to do is purchase a package and pick your card. Then you're good to go! For more personalisation and customisation, you can build your own gift box with our 'Custom Build' option on our online platform.  Between our ready made and our custom gift packages you're bound to find the perfect gift! We also have a concierge service if you'd like to save even more time. Tell us what you have in mind. From sourcing the perfect gifts to packaging, delivery and more, we'll do all the heavy lifting!

Box - our sleek signature hand-packed black and white gift boxes and wicker hampers not only offer a great package to present your gifts but are also a gift in itself all neatly wrapped with a grosgrain or satin ribbon. They double up as a keepsake box to allow storage of memories past, present and future to come. With our boxes, you can be confident that the recipient, whoever it may be, will be delighted with their gift...and you.


Ironically I've never been much of a gift person myself. But hold on, hear me out. 

On reflection, I think it's largely because the process of searching for gifts has always seemed quite laborious and it just never appealed to me. I've always been more of a sentimental person and instead of (tangible) gifts I'd give my time, energy, etc. and expect the same back. However, whenever I did gift (tangibly), it was always well thought out, practical and with a touch of style because I love things with a luxurious accent to them. I'd usually get a mixture of small items rather than just the one as personally it just felt a little empty otherwise. Whatever I got, it was always met with immense glee from the recipient which is such a wonderful feeling. Let's face it, no matter where you are on the gifting spectrum, you can't deny the satisfaction that comes from giving a gift that's well received. I can't be the only one who screams YES with a simultaneous 'cha ching' when I get it right, right?

Prior to the birth of BOX BOSS, I was at a low point, frustrated, demotivated, felt powerless. I felt a strong desire to channel my energy into something creative, something of my own that I could run with and have fun with at the same time. I started thinking about tangible expressions for sentimental moments that could bring people together and strengthen relationships. That's when I had the 'aha!' moment: meaningful and personal gifting, simplified for those who love to give with a touch of style and luxury. It was like a light bulb switched on in my head, a bit cliché, I know, but it's true! I wasn't expecting it but I was glad for it. It brought a much needed wave of excitement and purpose to my life. Before I knew it, I found myself so consumed and immersed with researching and designing to bring the idea to life. There have been many sleepless nights but nothing beats the excitement of fresh ideas springing to mind and being able to bring those very ideas to life. I've received overwhelmingly great feedback all throughout and it's such an amazing journey I'm glad to have embarked on. I want BOX BOSS to do the same for you. Whilst I don't wish you any sleepless nights, I want you to have your 'aha!' moment when you visit the site, whether it's by browsing our collection or reading through our musings on the LUX LETTER, I want you to feel empowered to give gifts that have a lasting impact because one gift can change both yours and the recipient's life.

Feeling inspired? Great! Shop our collections or for support get in touch via our contact page or 'message us'.

Happy gifting!
~ Cindy Okoronkwo, Founder & Owner ~