Top 3 Gifts for Her - Keepsake Gifts to Remember

Finding the right gift isn't always easy. If you're stuck for a gift to get the special lady in your life be it your mumma, GF, wife, BFF etc., here's our top 3 picks for presents she'll remember you by!


1. Candles & Fragrances


Who doesn't love a great scent? Candles and fragrances make for lovely gifts. Whether at home or out and about, she can carry the scent from you wherever she goes. With this in mind, it's time you were introduced to our range from Voluspa. Not only do they offer a range of gorgeous candle scents and room/body fragrances, their candle tins are also reusable as home decor - It's the gift that keeps on giving! 


2. Journals


For all her dreams, desires and plans, she needs somewhere to keep them all. We love the 'Wanderlust' and 'Bucketlist' journals by Axel and Ash. Whether it's her next holiday or all the goals she wants to accomplish, not only will she get to store away all her treasured thoughts, she'll also be inspired every time she opens these wonderful gifts up.


3. Accessories


Accessories are a necessity for most, dare we say all, ladies so it never hurts to stock up! Some of our faves include the Lisa Angel Flamingo Print Scarf, Isla Fan and Odeme Gold Compact Mirror.


We hope we've given you some ideas for what to gift. The above items are featured in some of our pre-packed 'Good to Go' boxes so for a gift that's ready to give, click here. But if you'd prefer to pick your own sets of gifts for the package, you can build a Custom Kollection instead. You can browse the gifts above and see our full range of recommended gifts 'for her' here. Don't forget to choose your card and box for a truly inspired gift package she'll love!


Happy Gifting!

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