Building & Maintaining Adult Friendships

It's international friendship day and we're pondering over the importance of just that. For most, friendships are relatively easy during the school/college/uni years especially when you see your favourite people everyday. But when that's all over and you all enter the real world / adult life, gets a whole lot more complicated. People grow, move away, get whole new lives etc. which makes it harder to dedicate as much time and effort into said relationships. Sometimes you find you just naturally drift apart.


So, how do you make new friends and keep them? Our thoughts:

Work - if you work a '9-5', you end up spending so much time with your colleagues, it's a great place to develop friendships. Whether you love it or hate it, it's likely you'll find at least one person who you click with. If you are your own boss and work from home, another option is co-working spaces and cafes where you get to meet and connect with other people like you.
Communities - whether it's the gym, church or something else, being part of a community with like minded people is a great forum for finding meaningful friendships.
Networking - failing all else, you may want to try something that really takes you out of your comfort zone like going to an event where you know absolutely nobody and walking up to a group of strangers to introduce yourself (eeeek!). If you're at a networking event though, chances are everyone else is just as nervous as you so bear that in mind. By the end of the event you may surprise yourself. 


When you've made all these new and wonderful BFFs, you've then got to make sure you put the work in! Be there for them in the highs AND lows. Of course no one can really be there all the time but you can do your best. It could be spending time on the phone or in person celebrating good times or consoling them through the difficult ones. This really helps forge strong bonds and inspires such beautiful moments. That's what we're all about - we believe a gift a la BOX BOSS is perfect for all such occasions and everything in between. We work hard to source and curate gifts (see pre-packed and custom build options) that are thoughtful (and practical!) for a variety of occasions and we're always expanding our range. You may find you're still after something that bit more bespoke that you can't see online, that's why we have our concierge service - you tell us your idea and we'll listen. Got something in mind already? We definitely want to hear from you - get in touch via our contact page or our 'message us' option (bottom right) to get going.

Until next time, happy gifting!


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