Back to School Gifting

Summer is officially over and like Alice here we're totally torn up about it.

We'll definitely miss the sun and fun but now it's time to face what's next. For some it'll be back to school now and if you're wondering what in the world you can do to cheer them up and send them merrily on their way for the next academic year, we've got you covered. We've rustled up some gift ideas below.


For writing / taking notes / setting goals:

Inspired Ink Pencil Set Nkuku Leather Journal Inspired Ink Floral Notebook set

Check out our stationery section for more.


For keeping things organised:

Nkuku Pencil Case Izola bookmark Nkuku Animal Paperclips


Check out our stationery section for more.


For snack attacks:

Coco Chocolate Truffle Eggs Spun Candy Fudge Cartwright & Butler Butter Shortbread


Check out our treats section for more.


For looking good:

Butter Bar Soapery Soap Evolve Beauty Hair Case Essentials Odeme Compact Mirror


Check out our beauty section for more.

There you have it! Remember you can use our custom build platform to build your own gift box but if you're pushed for time and can't browse, just give us a shout via our contact page or the floaty 'message us' button for our concierge service and we'll sort everything out for you :)



Happy gifting!




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